GCMA North West

As a member of the GCMA North West we require your consent to comply with GDPR.

Access to the meeting minutes and presentations is in the secure area which means members will be required login to gain access.

You must complete the form on the left of this page in full and then a Pin Number will be sent to you.

You can use your GCMA membership Number or email address to Login then use the PIN number we send you.
You will receive a Pin Number by email once your details are in the system = please allow up to 48 hours for the PIN Number to arrive as initially there is quite a bit of work to put all your details into the system manually.
The first thing you may see is a consent page - you can choose to give us consent to send you emails and updates.

When logged in you will be able to change your details under My Golf.

Logging in will also enable you to use the IG App and the member Messaging system IG provide - the initial App costs £1.99 but if you already have the App adding GCMA North West will cost you nothing.

Please complete fully the form on the left of this screen to indicate your preferences.

The Postcode and Date of Birth (or memorable date if you do not wish to disclose your date of birth) is used to reset your Pin Number which will be sent to you once we have your details.

It is our understanding that standard email communication (updates regarding events/ competitions/handicaps / social events) with members is covered under “legitimate interest – one of six available lawful bases for processing an individual’s data.

i.e. those benefits – and being told about them – are a core part of membership, and therefore you don’t need to have explicit permission from you. So we are just playing it safe by seeking your consent again.


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